ban zhou - 1 HIS 181 In this paper I will argue that Pan...

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HIS 181 In this paper, I will argue that Pan Chao acted as an aid to the throne as did Confucius but each served their respective throne differently. I will provide a history of Pan Chao as it relates to how she came to service to the throne and what she provided for the throne. Confucius’s path of service to rulers will then be examined. The lives of both magnificent figures will then be held next to each other to examine how they helped in the same way as well as how they differed in their services. Lastly, I will share my own thought on the material found in this essay. Pan Chao’s ancestors and family gave her the opportunity to become very learned and talented which she used to serve the throne. Pan Yu, who was selected to read to the Emperor from old rare books, was left duplicate copies of ancient documents previously unattainable by other scholars of the past and present times. Upon his death Pan Yu left the documents to his son Ssu, who shared the documents with his cousin Pan Piao. 1 Pan Piao, the father of Pan Chao and two sons, was a man dedicated to studying Confucius teachings as well as teaching his children. 2 This allowed his daughter gain enough wisdom to advance to her respected position and provide service to the throne. Pan Chao’s eldest brother wrote the Han Shu, which included works that were not yet finished at his death. Pan Chao was ordered to the Tung Kuan Library in order to finish Pan Ku’s work. 3
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ban zhou - 1 HIS 181 In this paper I will argue that Pan...

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