Conditions Necessary for Democracy

Conditions Necessary for Democracy - For Invasion to costly...

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Conditions Necessary for Democracy Economic Well-being Social Democracy Cooperation between Owners and Unions (Workers) Governmental control of key sectors of the economy Welfare-state Government investment into its people (Pensions, healthcare, public education) Expanding middle class Comfort without wealth Production and consumption of goods well beyond actual need Feeling of Security American Protection NATO New Internationalism United Nations International Monetary Fund International Bank for Reconstruction and Development European Integration Treaty of Rome- Economic Cooperation Student Protester Concerns Criticized The Cold War and the Conduct of Governments Materialism and complacency (no concern for current dangers) of their parents Un-freedom they were feeling from Governments Universities Religion Families Demanded Public account of Governmental Actions Past and Present Nazi Collaborators Cold war, Nuclear Arms, De-colonization A Better Future Better Education A ‘better worlds’ Truman’s Decision to drop ‘the bomb’
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Unformatted text preview: For Invasion to costly An immediate end to the war Against Japanese War Commission estimates-not to costly Alternatives Great Depression Worsening Restrict Global Trade – Restrict Global Trade Re-assert parts of “laissez-faire” – Little is done to stop suffering Governments seem indifferent = public low morale Getting out of Depression Pump Priming- pour money in from above to draw money from the bottom up Create Jobs Borrow Money to spend 1920’s= Illusions Un-even growth Corporate profits go up 62% Real Wages go up 11% Credit Borrowing money to invest – Invest “money” into stock market don’t, have money to pay if it doesn’t do well so on paper you are wealthy but not in real money Aerial Bombing Meant to break civilian moral- Tried to make people give up stop supporting the war De-Nazification Find Nazi’s and Sympathizers Getting Nazi out of official Positions Physically remove Nazi insignia...
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Conditions Necessary for Democracy - For Invasion to costly...

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