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Environmental Element - Environmental Element Potential...

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Environmental Element Potential Impact Mitigation Importance Land There is 40% of the project site where the slope exceeds 10% this could effect erosion and construction safety. 1200 Parking spaces are planned to be built which will severely limit the natural infiltration of precipitation which will increase runoff and amount of pollutants carried with it. The project is scheduled as a 2 phase project prolonging the bare soils exposure to the elements leading to more erosion. Grading of slopes over 10% will cut down of velocity of water moving over the ground and slow erosion. Sediment barriers, hay bales, silt fences and construction matting will be used to keep erosion to a minimum and to protect the stream from runoff. Keeping bare soil covered with matting will help during the 2 phase construction period. The major factor of the land is runoff during and after construction but proper mitigation procedures will make it a less important issue. Water This site contains a pond, stream and wetlands. The stream feeds Town A’s drinking supply. The wetland is protected because of its environmental importance to fresh water. Over sedimentation and pollution carried by runoff will damage these water bodies. A stream crossing will be needed to erect and maintain the cell tower. Soil erosion and sedimentation controls will be in place during construction (silt fence, hay bales) A berm will be built in front of the pond to protect the pond after construction. A culvert will be built to lessen impact on stream over time. Water is a very important and finite resource so it is very important to take these measures to protect the water. It takes a lot longer to clean a water body then to destroy one
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Water (continued) This project will be discharging its waste water with out the help of either town’s
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Environmental Element - Environmental Element Potential...

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