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ENV 417 Exercise 8: Lake Clear Map Amendment 1) The Adams soil is very well drained because it contains up to 20% gravel, pollution has a good chance of getting into water table. Croghan soil is deep but the water table is only 18-24 inches also increasing chance of pollution. Minor soils are poorly drained which could present a flood hazard. Naumberg soils are poorly drained because they are coarse to moderately coarse textured. They have rapid permeability and a high water table making them hazardous for flooding. Searsport soils water table is at or near the surface for 6 months of the year making it back for drainage to be installed. 2) Concerns of the residents of Lake Clear are: Increased Usage of the lake, detrimental to wild life, degradation of water quality, to much development around the area will destroy its beauty, less habitat for loons, going against the master plan for no apparent reason, impact on aquifer, increased boat traffic detrimental to girl scout camp, worried
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Unformatted text preview: that they are only concerned about increasing their tax base. 3) I felt that the letter by the Lake Clear Association was a good letter because it showed strong opposition by a whole group of people gave multiple valid reasons as to why they were opposed to this development. Voicing specific concerns that should be raised with knowledge of the area make an effective letter. 4) The town of Harrietstown supported the amendment and suggested that the APA change the classification on the map. 5) Decrease in suitable habitat Increase in motor boat use Overall growth of the area 6) As a member of the APA review staff I turn down this request. The land was purchased knowing of its classification and is valuable habitat that will be destroyed. There is less and less habitat everyday and this is an area that does not need to be converted in to housing....
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