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Lesson Plan Trig - Lesson Plan Class Geometry Topic...

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Lesson Plan Class: Geometry Grade: 9-10 Topic: Trigonometric Ratios Title: Basic Right Triangle Trigonometry Description: This lesson is to help students find the lengths of each side of a right triangle when only some angles and sides are given. To develop their skills in trigonometric ratios of a right triangle they will be presented with different triangles with varying sides and angles missing. Students are then able to work various problems whether real-life and dealing with trigonometric ratios. Identification of NCTM Standards: o Use trigonometric relationships to determine lengths and angle measures. (pg. 397) o Build new mathematical knowledge through problem solving. (pg. 402) o Solve problems that arise in mathematics and in other contexts. (pg. 402) o Monitor and reflect on the process of mathematical problem solving. (pg. 402) o Create and use representations to organize, record, and communicate mathematical ideas. (pg. 402) o Organize and consolidate their mathematical thinking through communication. (pg. 402) o Communicate their mathematical thinking coherently and clearly to peers, teachers, and others. (pg. 402) o Recognize and apply mathematics in contexts outside of mathematics. (pg. 402) o Create and use representations to organize, record, and communicate mathematical ideas. (pg. 402) Objectives: Upon completion of this lesson, students should be able to: o Find the basic trigonometric ratios: sine, cosine, and tangent. o Use and understand the terms related to the unit: sine, cosine, tangent, Pythagorean Theorem, opposite, adjacent, hypotenuse, ratio, and right triangle. o Formulate equations and/or draw related pictures/graphs/charts from simple word problems and solve. Itinerary: Walk around the classroom as the students take notes. Notes are given from the overhead so they are more likely to pay attention because they have less down time. Just slowly move the paper down so they can write the next line or lines of notes. They may encounter trouble because they are just being introduced to sin, cos, and tan of a right triangle so work slower if some people do not understand. Make sure you still remain at a good pace though to get all the practice in. The only group work will be the extra credit at the end of class.
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Lesson Plan Procedure: Beginning of class: Warm-up 5 Minutes Pass out the warm-up problem that will be worth half the day’s participation grade. Then get the over head ready while students are working in. When students finish they will drop the half
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Lesson Plan Trig - Lesson Plan Class Geometry Topic...

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