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Leadership_Lesson Plan - Leadership Project Lesson Plan...

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Leadership Project Lesson Plan Template Adapted from Crandall, Spring 2006 Lesson Title: Respond to My Programming and Assessment Candidate Name: Eric Johnston Date: 9/25/07 Strategy: Response Card, Handouts Grade Level: n/a Content Pages: Chapter 4: pp. 114-129 Topic: Programming and Assessment Essential Question: What requirements and processes are needed for programming and assessing a child with behavioral problems? Points____________2 Prerequisites (Prior knowledge) You should be generally familiar with what a behavior-troubled student is. They should also be familiar with forms of intervention and assessment for other forms of special needs. Points:__________2 Content Area Standard(s) Include complete standard, not just standard #. Standard matches’ lesson plan instruction. Go to www.emsc.nysed.gov/ for appropriate standards. FOR LEADERSHIP, I JUST WANT YOU TO BE Familiar WITH THIS CITE. Intended Learning Outcome Upon completion of this lesson, students will be able to recognize when a student has a behavior problem based on the criteria, have the skills to come up with an intervention idea, and ways of assessing a student to tell if the programming worked.
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Leadership_Lesson Plan - Leadership Project Lesson Plan...

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