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Family Interview - Eric Johnston Family Interview `...

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Eric Johnston ` 10/27/07 Family Interview Edu 250/251 Part I 1. How did you learn that they had a disability? Who was present? When did it happen? When he was born he had the pulled back eyes and poor lower body muscle tone like most kids with Down’s Syndrome. I knew before he was born that something was wrong despite the doctor’s tests telling me otherwise, and when he was born I knew it for sure because his father and the doctor had that look on their faces and rushed him away. 2. What have been the positive aspects of having a family member with a disability? Everything, everything, and everything! I’m sorry for the fact that he has had to struggle with basic things but he has been such an inspiration to hundreds to people that EVERYTHING about him has been a positive. He never let his lack of ability hold him back form living a normal life. 3. What challenges have you experienced being related to a family member with a disability? Since I am his mother I am the one who is responsible for him. The problems I faced all through his schooling have been the hardest. I never wanted my son to have special assistance or be excluded in a classroom with other disabled students and I had to go through so many legal battles to get what I wanted for my son. He just turned 19 so when he was born special education was only ten years old and still new. It wasn’t what it is today that’s for sure. But I had to argue with the school because they weren’t following IDEA. Now that he is 19 I face the challenges that I knew would becoming. His heart and hormones want him to do what every 19 year old does but that’s where my challenges begin. I can’t let him drive because he is unable, and I can’t really let him wander on his own. His innocence to trust
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Family Interview - Eric Johnston Family Interview `...

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