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Lesson Plan - Organization - Teaching Learning Project#2...

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Teaching Learning Project #2 Final Lesson Plan Rubric Stage 3 – Design for Instruction Lesson Title: Organize This! Candidate Name: Eric Johnston Date: 10/22/07 Subject: Organization and its importance as a student Grade Level: Any Time Required: 80 Minutes Topic: How to organize your locker, notebooks, and life, to optimize learning. Essential Question: Why is it important to have a clean and organized environment when trying to succeed in school? Prerequisites (Prior knowledge) Basic organizational tips. Content Area Standard(s) *NONE* See “Overall lesson plan comments” at bottom Intended Learning Outcome Student will be able to… 1. Maintain an organized and clean locker –weekly check ins. 2. Keep organized folders with similar papers together and garbage thrown out.- weekly check ins. 3. Become a better student through a clutter free environment.- observing stress levels and grades. Stage 2 – Assessment CBA Teacher-Created Assessments (Measure the SAME way every time you teach) Pre-test (optional): Taking a picture of his notebooks and locker before we teach him and help him organize it all. Post-test: Some after pictures, used to compare to the originals and give us an idea of improvement. (Two Other Tutee Assessments Based on Outcomes - what else did you measure besides CBA? Vary probes.) Enthusiasm - Have the tutoring partner observe tutee’s excitement. Organization – Watch him while he shows all work to see if he stays organized.
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Learning Activities Instructional Strategies: My main instructional strategy is to give him pictures and handouts of what organized things look like so he can base his locker and folders off it. There will be pictures of clean
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Lesson Plan - Organization - Teaching Learning Project#2...

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