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Lesson Plan - Basics - Teaching Learning Project#2 Final...

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Teaching Learning Project #2 Final Lesson Plan Rubric Lesson Title: Back to the Basics Candidate Name: Eric Johnston Date:11/28/07 Subject: Basic math algebra and foundations Grade Level: 7 th -8th Time Required:40 minutes Topic: The essentials of basic math skills and basic algebra in order to complete further mathematical problems. Essential Question: Will gaining an understanding and mastery of basic algebra help with the topics being covered in the 8 th grade math standards? Prerequisites (Prior knowledge) Experience with advanced math topics to understand the importance of basics in ALL mathematics. Content Area Standard(s) 2. Number and Numeration Students use number sense and numeration to develop an understanding of the multiple uses of numbers in the real world, the use of numbers to communicate mathematically, and the use of numbers in the development of mathematical ideas. Intended Learning Outcome . Student will be able to… 1. Solve inequalities, perform rates and ratios and graph equations better-measured through future and past test grades. 2. Gain an understanding of how the foundations and basics support the rest of mathematics-ask him to break down what he is covering in class now into all the basic components to see what he understands. 3. Perform basic algebra with ease-measured by post test.
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Stage 3 – Design for Instruction Learning Activities Instructional Strategies: My main instructional strategy is to, while reading through all the algebra rules, to have him cut out notes put them into laminating sheets. Also I will included paper footballs to cut out and arrange on the note sheets. This is my strategy because he loves football so much; he might actually do better
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Lesson Plan - Basics - Teaching Learning Project#2 Final...

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