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Lesson Plan - Test Taking

Lesson Plan - Test Taking - Teaching Learning Project#2...

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Teaching Learning Project #2 Final Lesson Plan Rubric Lesson Title:Test Strategies and Review Candidate Name: Eric Johnston Date:10/14/07 Subject: Test Taking Ability Grade Level: 8 th grade Time Required: 50 minutes Topic: Test Taking Strategies Essential Question: What aspect of test taking does Julian still have a problem with? Prerequisites (Prior knowledge) What a test is Content Area Standard(s) *NONE* See “Overall lesson plan comments” at bottom Intended Learning Outcome Student will be able to… 1. Student should be enthused to learn how to improve test taking abilities-will be measured through partner observation. 2. Student should be a more relaxed student-observing stress during next lessons 3. Student should perform better on tests-evident by improving test grades.
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Stage 3 – Design for Instruction Learning Activities Instructional Strategies: My main instructional strategy is to, while reading through all the test taking tips, to have him take notes and relate each note to something he does to prepare for a football game. This is my strategy because he loves football so much, he might actually do better on tests if he sees this as a football game.
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