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Study Guide 1 Incorporating Graphing Calculator Technology and the Internet in Your Middle/High School Statistics Lessons. o The main points of this article are used to point out the efficiency of the use of graphing calculators and internet combined for a project in schools. The article uses a hook on baseball to interest the students and then goes in-depth with the problem and does scatter plots, box plots, and linear regression lines via the TI83 Plus Calculator. At the end of the article, it explains various other hooks other than baseball that could be used and explains the usefulness of technology. o Graphing technology is incorporated into this lesson through the use of graphing and regressions on the TI83 Plus Calculator. The specific topics explored are linear regressions, box plots, scatter plots, standard deviations, and percentiles. o The questions the hook is used to answer are do more hits equal more runs(the answer is yes)? And do more runs equal more wins(also a yes)? Through these questions it forces students to do box plots and scatter plots o Other hooks that could be used over baseball to help to engage the students are movies (cost to make vs. revenue), influence of music on industry and prices of vehicles corresponding to age. A Guaranteed Win in the NFL? o This article is about how to implement the internet into a lesson to help with the understanding of students and make it more interesting. In this article the hook is Wins vs. Losses in the NFL due to points. It forces students to create box plots and then interpret the information and then find the likelihood of winning if you have a certain amount of points. o The author uses the web for the students to find random and varying samples of scores. He has them go to various websites that they can find football scores on and get the information down and then compare it. o The four questions asked by the author were: How did you find a random sample? Describe the procedure. Find the mean, standard deviation, median and quartiles for the winning and losing teams. Create box plots. Explain how the box plots can help determine the points necessary to win a game in the NFL? o The author edited this project to fit the middle school students by offering a lot of structure and guided learning. The author also had the students working in groups with a detailed rubric.
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Study Guide 2 Giving Exponential Functions a Fair Shake o The main point of this article was to demonstrate how you can make exponential equations easier to solve. Most of the time, math in middle schools only consists of linear relationships, but this article shows how an M&M Candy lab and a dice lab can be used to teach this more complicated topic. o
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Study Guides - Study Guide 1 Incorporating Graphing...

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