Lecture34_Notes_S - Week 12 - Lecture 34 Wednesday November...

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Introduction Content Notes How are defined various process efficiencies? As mentioned in the previous lecture, the conversion of energy from one type to another can not be 100% efficient. Using the second law of thermodynamics, the following efficiencies were defined: General efficiency Mechanical efficiency Heat engine efficiency Refrigeration cycle efficiency How can we determine properties of saturated mixture, superheated vapor and subcooled liquid? (Review) Properties of the system such as H, U, V, or S are required to determine the efficiencies of the systems. The following pages describe the various states presented on the following diagram and explain how we determine those properties. DIAGRAM Additional Material L34.1 T = T sat saturated mixture Q T = T sat saturated vapor Q T > T sat superheated vapor Q T = T sat saturated liquid Q T < T sat subcooled liquid
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Unformatted text preview: Week 12 - Lecture 34 Wednesday November 21, 2007 What is saturated liquid? What is saturated vapor? What is subcooled liquid? What is a superheated steam (or superheated vapor)? What is a saturated mixture? How can we determine the properties of a saturated mixture? When a system consists of a saturated mixture (two phases in equilibrium) the value of an extensive property is the sum of the properties of the phases as shown by the following equation: Additional Material L34.2 EXAMPLE: 2 kg of saturated water at 80C is in a 0.5 m 3 closed rigid container. What are the pressure, quality and enthalpy of the mixture? Course evaluation In class, with the secretary Additional Material L34.3 Next Assignment: A7 Wednesday November 23, 2005 Next Assignment: A7 Monday November 26, 2007...
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Lecture34_Notes_S - Week 12 - Lecture 34 Wednesday November...

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