PullDown - {elements[5.value=""...

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Sheet1 Page 1 <HTML> <HEAD><TITLE>Stress Converter with Pull Down List</TITLE> <SCRIPT LANGUAGE=JavaScript> <!-- function convert(){ with(document.units){ {elements[5].value=""+document.units.val.value+" psi" } {elements[5].value=""+document.units.val.value*0.001+" ksi" } {elements[5].value=""+document.units.val.value*0.00689475728+" MPa" } {elements[5].value=""+document.units.val.value*1000+" psi" } {elements[5].value=""+document.units.val.value*1+" ksi" } {elements[5].value=""+document.units.val.value*6.894757279999999+" MPa" }
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Unformatted text preview: {elements[5].value=""+document.units.val.value*145.03773800721814+" psi" } if((ori.selectedIndex==2)&&(con.selectedIndex==1)) {elements[5].value=""+document.units.val.value*0.14503773800721817+" ksi" } if((ori.selectedIndex==2)&&(con.selectedIndex==2)) {elements[5].value=""+document.units.val.value*1+" ksi" } }} } //--></SCRIPT> </HEAD> <BODY> <FORM NAME=units> Choose the original unit. <SELECT NAME=ori> <OPTION>psi <OPTION>ksi <OPTION>MPa </SELECT> <BR> Choose the unit to convert to. <SELECT NAME=con> <OPTION>psi Sheet1 Page 2 <OPTION>ksi <OPTION>MPa </SELECT> <BR> Enter the value to be converted: <INPUT TYPE=text NAME=val VALUE="" SIZE=10> <BR> <INPUT TYPE=button VALUE="Convert" onclick="convert()"> <INPUT TYPE=reset VALUE="Reset Form"> <BR> <TEXTAREA ROWS=3 COLS=27 WRAP=virtual></TEXTAREA> </FORM> </BODY> </HTML>...
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PullDown - {elements[5.value=""...

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