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anthropology syllabus - ANTH152: Introduction to...

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ANTH152: Introduction to Anthropology Spring 08 Instructor: Warren P. Roberts Email: Office/Office Hours: TBA and by appointment Required Test: R.H. Lavenda & E.A. Schultz 2008. Anthropology: What does it mean to be human? COURSE DESCRIPTION : This course will provide a general introduction to the discipline of anthropology. Anthropology is a broad discipline concerned with understanding humanity through space and time. As such, anthropology employs a wide array of approaches to investigate past and present human diversity. Biological, paleontological, ecological, archeological, sociocultural, psychological and other perspectives and methods will be addressed as we survey how anthropologists address the fundamental questions of what it is to be human and how we became such. REQUIREMENTS : There will be three quizzes. Format of quizzes will be discussed prior to the date they are given. Students will write one research paper on an anthropological topic. This paper will require three scholarly sources (monographs, peer reviewed journal articles, edited volume, etc.). Reliance on the internet should be limited
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anthropology syllabus - ANTH152: Introduction to...

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