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1Amber Abbott Chapter 14 outline I. Introduction to Speaking to Inform A. The purpose of a message to inform is to share information with others to enhance their knowledge or understanding of the information, concepts, and ideas you present. B. Communication happens when listeners make sense of the information. C. If you intentionally try to change or reinforce your listeners’ feelings, ideas, or behavior, your speech may become more persuasive than informative=not good. II. Types of Informative Presentations A. Introduction to Types of Informative Presentations: Factors that contribute to an audience’s ability to process a message 1. Select and narrow your topic 2. Organize your message 3. Select appropriate supporting material B. Presentations about Objects 1. A speech about an object could be about anything tangible. 2. Examples of items an informative presentation on an object might be about: A. The Eiffel Tower B. Flutes C. Digital Cameras 3. An informative presentation on an object can be organized topically, chronologically, and spatially. C. Presentations about Procedures 1. A presentation about a procedure discusses how something works, or describes a process that produces a particular outcome. 2. At the close of such a presentation, your audience should be able to describe, understand, or perform the procedure you have described. 3. One good way to teach people a skill is to follow the acronym TEACH T-tell E-example A-Apply C-Coach H-Help D. Presentations about People 1. The key to making an effective biographical presentation is to be selective. 2. Relate the key elements in a person’s career, personality, or other significant life features so that you build to a particular point, rather than just recite facts about an individual. E. Presentations about Events
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chapter 14 outline - Amber Abbott Chapter 14 outline I...

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