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CSCL 1101 Dr. Graeme Stout Bell Museum Auditorium T Th:11:15-12:30 Office Hours: T Th 1-2, T 4-5 and by appointment 146J Nicholson Hall Email: [email protected] Cell: (612) 872-0999 (in case of emergency) LITERATURE Course Description This course is meant for people who already love reading literature as well as for people who would love to learn how to love reading literature. We will go from antiquity to the present day in search of literature and of its main genres, figures, structures, functions, and themes. We will read epic poetry, lyric poetry, plays, novels, fables, as well as essays. Although organized chronologically, this course will examine literary texts through two themes: love and monsters. How are we related to monsters and how do we love them? Are they a product of our unconscious desires? If monsters are closer to us than we had imagined, what does that tell us about ourselves? We will examine such questions when we read of Oedipus’s horrific self- discovery and Victor Frankenstein terrifying creation. And what of love? What monsters might it produce? Is love a noble virtue? Or, is it that emotion which turns us into monsters? Here, Gilgamesh’s friendship with the wildman Enkidu will require us to rethink the nature of love. And, in our encounter with Dostoevsky’s “underground man,” we will have to examine love as a contradictory and maddening emotion. Over the span of the semester we will examine the ambiguous relationship of love to the monstrous in order to understand why writers and readers are drawn to the horrific as a form of love. But these themes and, in many ways, our texts are tools that will help us to understand
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CSCL1101 syllabus - CSCL 1101 Dr Graeme Stout Bell Museum...

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