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Chp.2 outline 1. Self-Awareness: How well do you know yourself? a. How has self-awareness been categorized by social psychologists? i. Subjective self-awareness ii. Objective self-awareness iii. Symbolic self-awareness 2. Self concept: Who are you? a. Introduction i. Self is the deep source of growth in every person, while self- concept is a person’s subjective description of who he or she is. Self-image is a person’s view of themselves only in a particular situation or circumstance. b. Self-Concept Components i. Attitude: learned predisposition to respond to a person, object, or idea in a favorable or unfavorable way ii. Beliefs are based on previous experience. iii. Values are difficult to identify because they are so central to who you are. c. One or Many Selves? i. The material self is a total of all of the tangible things you own: your body, your possessions, your home. ii. Your social self is that part of you that interacts with others. iii. Your spiritual self consists of all of your internal thoughts and introspections about your values and moral standards. d.
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chp 2 outline - Amber Abbott Chp.2 outline 1....

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