chem worksheet - _ Ions & Ionic Compounds...

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_______________________________________________ Ions & Ionic Compounds Chem1011/1015/1017 Spring 2007 Introduction Predicting how elements combine to form ionic compounds, their resulting composition, and name is an important set of skills necessary for interpreting and understanding many chemical reactions. Below are two tables of information that you may find useful in completing the tasks in this worksheet, which is designed to help you become proficient in these skills. Table I. Some Common Polyatomic Ions and their Formulas. Ion Name Ion Formula ammonium NH 4 + mercury (I), mercurous Hg 2 2+ carbonate CO 3 2- acetate C 2 H 3 O 2 - cyanide CN - hydroxide OH - nitrate NO 3 - nitrite NO 2 - sulfate SO 4 2- sulfite SO 3 2- phosphate PO 4 3- phosphite PO 3 3- perchlorate ClO 4 - chlorate ClO 3 - permanganate MnO 4 - hydrogen carbonate HCO 3 - dichromate Cr 2 O 7 2- chromate CrO 4 2- Table II. Some Metallic Elements and Their Multiple Ions. Element
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chem worksheet - _ Ions & Ionic Compounds...

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