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health career fair - transnational research I did also pick...

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1I was very impressed with the Health Careers Fair in The Great Hall. All the booths were very informative. The representatives from each booth were also helpful in answering any questions that I had. I talked to representatives at several booths. I focused on booths dealing with laboratory and clinical research, womens health, and volunteer programs at hospitals. These are areas of interest that I have within the health careers. I am interested in volunteering at Fairview Health Services, however, it appears to be difficult to receive a volunteer opportunity there. The Planned Parenthood booth was nice because I received excellent information about their mission, services, and volunteer/internship opportunities. I could also volunteer or intern at a Planned Parenthood in Sioux Falls, SD (my hometown) in the summer–which would be convenient. I liked the AHC Office of Clinical Research because it helped explain the different kinds of clinical and
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Unformatted text preview: transnational research. I did also pick up an ad for a volunteer opportunity that looked interesting at United Hospital. There are volunteer and internship opportunities that would expose me to a Healthcare Setting. I could definitely see myself volunteering and/or interning at any of these places. Overall, I was introduced to numerous volunteer and internship opportunities that will help get me started looking for a possible health career. After attending the Health Career Fair, I better understand how to get the most out of the experience. In the future I would definitely go to one of these events again. I received a multitude of information about possible health careers as well as volunteer and internship opportunities. I learned that it is best to ask the booth representatives questions when I did not understand something....
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