Poor Conrad Movement

Poor Conrad Movement - Poor Conrad Movement (1514) Duke...

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Poor Conrad Movement (1514) Duke Ulrich of Wurttemburg Levy more taxes to live extravagant life Messed with weights and measures for grain, wine, ect Peter Gais Threw weights and measures into lake Preached in the towns Started movement Became an underground movement Never able to raise up and revolt Bundschuh Movement (1490s-1510s) Heavy Clogg Upper Rhine River Secret league Clearly defined agenda Against the jews Only pope and emperor were legit All taxes abolished Exterminate jews 5% interest on loans Twelve Articles Drafted during the first phase of the common man’s revolt Laid out what “Christian Union” wanted from the government and their beliefs Andreas von Karlstadt (1480-1541)
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Ambitious and highly trained academic Joined and helped lead Luther’s movement Born again Christians in U.S. steam from his teachings Worked with Luther Trained in scholastism 1 st to say mass dressed as a lay person 1 st to give both the sacraments Wanted reforms to happen right away Was kicked out of Rothenberg Spiritualism Holy Spirit and knowledge of God Implications for nature and sources of religious authority: no need for it Sources of religious spirit and knowledge Through direct communication w/ Holy Spirit Luther: believed it was through the scriptures Baptism and theology of regeneration Luther: Sign of Justification by faith, nourishes faith of believer Sacraments don’t bring anything External sign-only adults baptized Eucharist: external sign of inner regeneration, relative to faith of believer Thomas Muntzer Very well educated Served as a pastor in Zwickau and followed Luther Teachings fanned pre existing social tensions and revived millenarian movements
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Poor Conrad Movement - Poor Conrad Movement (1514) Duke...

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