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Emily White Humanities 202 March 8, 2008 Samuel Smiles’ Self-Help and Thrift Samuel Smiles’ wrote his pieces, Self-Help and Thrift in an effort to explain why the civilization wasn’t living up to its opportunities and to give advice on how to help the problems of his current society. Smiles firmly believed it was individual effort put forth not what was provided by any other government, institution, or individual that truly helped society. These two pieces provoke many people to one side of his argument or the other, I, as a reader of his work tend to agree with many of his opinions. The first statement in Self-Help that really caught my attention was, “Whatever is done for men or classes, to a certain extent takes away the stimulus and necessity of doing for themselves.” What Smiles is saying is if you provide a service, produce a
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Unformatted text preview: product, or perform a task for a person then there is no reason for them to try and do anything on their own because they come to expect someone else to be there to do it for them whether it be paid for or it be something they deem “deserved” from some higher authority. I believe a prime example of this is the welfare system. While some people do legitimately use the welfare system others have learned that it is something they can depend on. Also the ability of Americans to pay people to provide services such as cleaning, cooking, and childcare, has taken away from the feeling of necessity of having it done. Yes, while some if this is a factor of convenience a lot of it is also a factor of laziness....
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self-help&thrift - product, or perform a task for a person...

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