Unit plan 1

Unit plan 1 - -straight lines-tight body-use two completely...

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Name: Emmie White Grade Level:   5 th  grade Topic/Theme:   Educational Gymnastics Date: 4/14/08   A mat for each pair, a box for each pair Teacher Goals: (The teacher will work on): -providing clear instructions Student Learning Outcomes: (The student will be able to): Psychomotor (1-2):  -The student will be able to balance on two different points of balance in two different ways. Cognitive (1): -The student will be able to restate safety cues for the lesson. Affective (1): -The student will be able to accept the feelings that result from challenges, successes and failures in physical activity.
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Time Activities & Teacher Directives/Progressions (Extensions) Organization Performance Cues (Refinement) Challenging Tasks (Application) 2-3 minutes Introduction: Today we will be working on static  balances and different ways to balance. 5-10 minutes Balance using two points -high/low -wide/narrow -stillness for 3-5 seconds 
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Unformatted text preview: -straight lines-tight body-use two completely different points of balance each time and create three different balances 5-10 minutes Create any balance using three points-what’s easier 2pts or 3?-stillness for 3-5 seconds-straight lines-tight body-mirror your partner on your own mat 5-10 minutes With your partner create a counterbalance-harder or easier with a partner?-stillness for 3-5 seconds-straight lines-tight body-create an asymmetrical and symmetrical balance with your partner 5-10 minutes Design a sequence of 5 balances with your partner-stillness for 3-5 seconds-straight lines-tight body-each time decrease the number of points of balance 2-3 minutes Closure: we talked about balance today what are some cues? How was having a partner harder or easier? What were some of the biggest challenges for you?...
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Unit plan 1 - -straight lines-tight body-use two completely...

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