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unit plan 3 - Name Emmie White Topic/Theme Grade Level 5th...

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Name: Emmie White  Grade Level:   5 th Topic/Theme:   Educational Gymnastics Date:  4/14/08 Equipment & Materials:   a mat for each pair, small and large wedge for each 2 pairs, a box for each 2 pairs Teacher Goals: (The teacher will work on): -speaking clearly and providing demonstrations Student Learning Outcomes: (The student will be able to): Psychomotor (1-2): -the student will be able to perform 3 out of 4 types of rolls: log roll, pencil roll, forward & backward roll Cognitive (1): -the student will be able to explain a forward roll using proper cues. Affective (1): -the student will be able to participate with and respect individuals of different skill levels. 
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Time Activities & Teacher Directives/Progressions (Extensions) Organization Performance Cues (Refinement) Challenging Tasks (Application) 2-3 minutes Introduction: today we will be working on types of  rotation 3-5 minutes
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