ENG 208 SG 8&9

ENG 208 SG 8&9 - ENG 208Baker Name: Jake Priddy...

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Unformatted text preview: ENG 208Baker Name: Jake Priddy Study Guide Odyssey 8 & 9 1. How does Alcinous introduce his guest at l. 29 of book 10? As our guest and new friend nameless to me still 2. At ll 66-69, Alcinous bard Demodocus is introduced. What are his characteristics? What purpose do his songs serve? Demodocus is cherished by the Muse, and she gave him the gift of knowing all of whats best and worst of life by giving him a sweet voice, but making him blind. His songs ease the heart, and he is called to sing for the feast. 3. What is Odysseus reaction to the bards song? He weeps. He tries to hide his tears by pulling his hood down over his face, but Alcinous catches him crying. 4. How does Odysseus respond to the challenge Seareach sets for him? He gets pissed. Seareach basically says he wont join the games because hes soft and accuses him of never learning manly sports. Odysseus basically says Dont judge a book by its cover, and gives Seareach as an example for all his fine...
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ENG 208 SG 8&9 - ENG 208Baker Name: Jake Priddy...

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