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65 Final Exam Review Questions for 1442 Lab Spring 2008 – Modified 4/5/08 1. Fusion of an egg cell and a sperm cell forms a(n) _ zygote __? 2. An egg containing a lot of yolk will typically undergo what kind of cleavage? 3. What is the name of the innermost embryonic layer produced by gastrulation? 4. The fruit fly life cycle stages between the egg and pupa are called __? 5. What occurs between the instars of insect development? 6. The initial cavity of the blastula is called the ___? 7. Before activation of the egg, yolk granules accumulate in the ___ vegetal ____ pole. 8. During early embryonic development, the solid ball of cells is called what? 9. Orientation behaviors in which an animal is either attracted to or repelled by the stimulus? 10. A rapid, stereotyped movement of the body or body part is a _ reflex __? 11. Name the behavior that tends to change or improve with experience. Learned 12. Orientation behaviors in which the animal changes its speed of movement, but not direction in response to a stimulus kineses 13. Rejecting a null hypothesis means what? 14. A baby named Albert was conditioned by Dr. Watson to be afraid of mice by showing him a mouse and making a loud sound at the same time. This is an example of which type of behavior? Learned 15. In the Armadillidium vulgare hydrotaxis experiment, if you had calculated a chi-square value of 4.7 and your critical value was 3.8, what should you write in your results section? 16. The pancreas is part of which organ system(s)? digestive system 17.
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