Critical Action

Critical Action - Justin Shull-How important is your health...

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Justin Shull -How important is your health to you? My grandfather didn’t take his healthy very seriously. Smoked, drank heavily, ate poorly, and exercised rarely. Ultimately, he was unhappy, and his unhealthy lifestyle perpetuated from his unhappiness. The threats of living an healthy lifestyle are real. -According to the center for Disease Control and Prevention 1 , Nearly two out of three adult Americans, are overweight or obese. America’s fast paced lifestyle… TV Work General lackadaisical attitude towards our health -I’m not suggesting we all buy the latest Jon Basedow tape; but, We have a responsibility: Responsibility to set a standard of health for our generation and those to come. We must hold ourselves accountable for our health, and must take personal initiative in the fight against obesity. I urge you all to utilize your campus resources to take the necessary steps towards improving the overall health of your campus and your country. 1 dc/caz/nutr/obes/alert08032004.jsp
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-Profound effect on many facets of your life… -As college students, we all have dreams of launching careers in some sort of professional field. -According to a study done by the National Association of Colleges and employers… Rationally, the employers of this country care about the performance of their employees… Living a healthy lifestyle can cultivate successful and
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Critical Action - Justin Shull-How important is your health...

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