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Cendimee P. Posadas BSAc – 3 GE-ELECT Great Books C “Blind Justice” Is justice ever completely blind? Is it ever completely blind inLes Misérables? Justice serves right to those who made unforgivable grudges to the victim of inhumane acts, but does justice ever give the right solution? How about the idea of false accusation and Grave punishment? Will Justice be fair all the time? Or will it not? In the story of Les Miserables, Jean Valjean was the man who questioned Justice itself. Poverty has led him to steal a loaf of bread for his sister’s child who nearly dies and it is because they were starving. It led him to 5 years of imprisonment and slavery, extended to 19 years because he tried to escape. And even when he was given parole, he thought he was free. But people criticize him for being a convict, they aren’t open to the possibility of change. He was persecuted by judgements and no one is ready to accept him except for the priest who offered him food and shelter but not only that, he has shown him love. He has stolen silvers but was forgiven, he believes that it was his chance to change but Jean Valjean needs to vanish and so he created a new identity.
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