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Todas las composiciones deben ser entregadas con el formato MLA. MLA style: 12 pts, Times New Roman, double spaced, (no bold, no underline title, no extra spaces) 1) Introducción 2) Cuerpo 3) Conclusión Formato: Tu nombre SPAN 3120-002 Prof. A. Cabeza La fecha Título de la composición Compositions- Correction Symbols Compositions Criteria Agr Agreement C - 30 Content : knowledge of assigned topic I English I/S Indicative / Subjunctive O - 20 Organization : fluent expression-ideas clearly stated / supported-logical sequence-cohesive G Gender (masculine vs. femenino) Lex Wrong lexical choice Ma Missing article Mp Missing preposition
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Unformatted text preview: V - 20 Vocabulary : effective word/idiom choice-usage of new words Mw Missing word P/I Preterite / Imperfect P/P Por / Para L - 25 Language : effective constructions-agreement- tense- number-word order- articles- pronouns- prepositions Rd Redundant S/E Ser / Estar Sp Spelling Str Structure M - 5 Mechanics : spelling-punctuation-capitalization- paragraphing Sw Superfluous word (no needed) Vf Verb form Wa Wrong article Wc Wrong choice Wo Wrong order Wp Wrong preposition Ww Wrong word # Mistake already noted ? I cannot guess what you mean...
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