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Matt Schober Othello Test Circles 24.) Desdemona speaking to her father explaining that she is loyal to her husband Othello. This quote establishes her courage because she is rejecting her father in public. 26.) Barbantio is foreshadowing the possible betrayal of Othello because he says his daughter disobeyed him. 30.) Iago talking to Othello, making up this idea that Michael Cassio had a dream about Desdemona, which also may be considered a homosexual dream. 35.) Othello talking about Cassio. Michael Cassio has just recently wounded Montano. 40.) Othello talking about what you don’t know in life wont hurt you, but as soon as you know something (Desdemona being unfaithful) it eats away at you.
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Unformatted text preview: Asterisks 27.) This is Iago’s soliloquy to the audience. Deep down he knows that Othello has probably not slept with his wife but its this suspicious that drives Iago to hate. This hate comes from Othello passing over Iago as luteinent. 41.) Iago is speaking to Othello telling him to beware of the green eyed monster which is jealously. This quote is ironic because it is Iago who makes up the lies about Desdemona which makes Othello jealous. 42.) This quote belongs to Othello who is speaking to Iago. Othello will mnot crack because he believes that Desdemona I a faithful wife. Iago is dropping jealously bombs to try and make Othello second guess himself....
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