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sonnets - 8810 From the beginning of our existence on earth...

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8810 From the beginning of our existence on earth, humans have longed for companionship and a sense of love from one another. In Shakespeare’s eighteenth and nineteenth sonnets the author uses several examples that provide support for this theory. Both of the sonnets coveys a message that mans love is different from that of a woman, but both are unique. The sonnets also express that in life we are not always dealt a perfect hand, and that we as humans will not always have total control of what happens to those we love, or the people around us. Even if we are not with the one you love, that does not mean you can not remember them or think about them to make you feel better. These two sonnets include a vast about of symbols that have human qualities that we all can understand, they both share the same iambic contaminator or rhyme scheme, and they both gives examples of contrast in line nine. In sonnet eighteen the authors starts the sonnet by comparing this woman to a summer day. Shakespeare goes on to write about the negative effects of summer and how
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