3 - SOCY/WMST 1016-020 Professor Mollborn Research Project...

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SOCY/WMST 1016-020 Professor Mollborn Research Project #3: Who does the housework? Due the week of March 3 at the beginning of recitation Goals: To examine the distribution of housework by gender and relative earnings; to practice administering surveys and conducting quantitative analysis; to apply ideas from the course. For this exercise, you will administer a short survey about housework to a married or cohabiting mixed-sex couple who lives together in the same household. You may choose your parents or any other couple you know fairly well. It is important that they live together in the same household, since you will analyze how they share housework duties. The survey can be administered on the phone or in person, but it should be administered verbally (not just handed to the respondents). You should read the questions to each respondent and record her/his answers. You will administer the same survey twice, once for each member of the couple. Because you will be examining how their responses differ, you should interview them separately so that they can not hear the other person’s answers. Print out two copies of the attached survey. Read the survey carefully, and read the questions aloud to practice before administering it to your respondents. After you administer the survey, calculate each person’s total work week and the number of hours s/he spends on housework as specified below. Then answer the questions below in a separate document. You should turn in a hard copy of your responses to the questions below, as well as the three data sheets. Remember to integrate information from the course into your answers whenever appropriate. Grades will be based primarily on the quality of your analysis, the suitable
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This note was uploaded on 02/26/2008 for the course SOCY 1016 taught by Professor Mollborn during the Spring '08 term at Colorado.

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3 - SOCY/WMST 1016-020 Professor Mollborn Research Project...

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