12 november report

12 november report - Report for Prepared by Claren Thomas...

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Unformatted text preview: Report for November 12, 2007 Prepared by Claren Thomas Topic: Is I t Time to Revive Nuclear Power? Relevance: If we start using Nuclear power to early without proper research will we are able to utilize this energy source. Will people think this energy source will be reliable in the future? The problems dealing with nuclear power are is it safe, sustainable and clean. And if so when in the future will we be able to harness this energy source. What is known about the Problem? In what ways can we make nuclear power cleaner? The main issue with nuclear power is public safety. The good thing about this energy source is we can cut back on air pollution and have a reduction in greenhouse gases. With federal support of nuclear power we can use this energy source to our advantage. Nuclear energy will last for hundreds of years, but could be extended with was in using this energy better. Logical Fallacies: YES 1. "Our industry is not yet at the point where we can announce specific decisions to build" (p.214, Para 6). False Dichotomy 2. "Second new nuclear plants provide future price stability that is not available from electric generating plants fueled with natural gas" (p.212, Para 7). Ad Hominem 3. "While some may not realize it, the United States faces an imminent energy crisis today" (p.217, Para 3). Appeal to Authority No 1. "In the aftermath of the recent blackout, i t is important to consider the enormous r isks and reliability deficiencies of nuclear power" (p.219, Para 4). Composition 2. "What exactly happens to a nuclear power plant when the power goes out" (p.221, Para 4). Argumentation 3. "The only energy crisis that the United States faces have been created by electricity deregulation and the foolish refusal to embrace safe, clean, sustainably energy sources"(p.229, Para 2). Straw Man References: (Taking Sides Clashing Views on Environmental Issues Twelfth Edition, Thomas A. Easton. ) ...
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12 november report - Report for Prepared by Claren Thomas...

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