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1AGRI/NRES 103 Study Guide for Exam 2 Be able to define and understand the following terms: species diversity genetic diversity ecological diversity habitat fragmentation community species recovery plan marasmus kwashiorkor anemia sheet erosion rill erosion gully erosion streambank erosion humus hazardous substance toxin disease burden antibiotic biomagnification bioaccumulation LD50 health disease disability-adjusted life year infectious disease emergent disease allergen neurotoxin mutagen teratogen carcinogen acute effect chronic effect highly persistent toxin Define biome. List the factors that determine where a biome will be located. List the major biomes found in the world. State the general biome type has been the most threatened. State which has been the least threatened. State the estimate of the number of species living today. State the type of organism that has the most undiscovered species. State the cause of most animal extinctions today.
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