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Exam 4 Study Guide - List the advantages and disadvantages...

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1 AGRI/NRES 103 Food, Agriculture, and Natural Resource Systems Study Guide for Exam 4 Be able to define and understand the following terms: renewable water supply aquifer withdrawal point source nonpoint source cone of depression eutrophic oligotrophic sedimentation bioremediation waste stream reusing waste recycling waste composting demanufacturing waste natural capital renewable resource intangible resource cost-benefit analysis internal cost external cost capital natural capital produced asset human resources nonmonetary resource Describe the hydrologic cycle. State the hydrologic compartment that contains the greatest amount of fresh water. Define aquifer. Describe how an aquifer is formed. State the place where an aquifer is most likely to be contaminated. State the greatest use of water in developing countries. State the maximum amount of consumption of renewable water supplies to avoid environmental damage.
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Unformatted text preview: List the advantages and disadvantages of large dams and reservoirs. State the greatest use of domestic water in the U.S. Describe the Clean Water Act. Discuss how the historical pricing of water has led to overuse. Describe a healthy aquatic ecosystem. Describe the primary type of waste disposal used in developing countries. Describe the difference between a regulated landfill and an open dump. Describe the ways that individuals can reduce solid wastes. Define hazardous waste. List and describe the ways that hazardous wastes can be eliminated. Discuss the factors involved in choosing a landfill site. Compare ecological economic theory with neoclassical economic theory. Discuss the relationship between environmental protection and employment. Discuss the Tragedy of the Commons. Discuss the comparative advantage theory in international trade....
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Exam 4 Study Guide - List the advantages and disadvantages...

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