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species diversity - The number and relative abundance of species in a community. community- anemia - low levels of hemiglobin due to iron deficiency or lack of red blood cells steambank erosion- disease burden- total cost from a disease, loss from work expense from drugs LD50- L ethal D ose 50- dose that will 50% of population infectious disease- mutagen- agents, such as chemicals or radiation, that damage or alter DNA in cells chronic effect- long-lasting results of exposure to a toxin genetic diversity- species recovery plan - a plan for restoration of an endangered species through protection, habitat management, captive breeding, disease control, and other techniques that increase populations sheet erosion - peeling off thin layers of soil from the land surface humus - sticky, brown, insoluble residue from the bodies of dead plants and animals; gives soil its structure, coating mineral particles and holding them together; major source of plant nutrients antibiotic - anything that kills something else- chlorine bleach
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