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worth of sparrow - have to consider our right to prioritize...

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Claren Thomas October 15, 2007 Worth of Sparrow Decision Case This case has been issue to tell us about the problems of bird control in the world. Phil Larsen has been dealing with the issue of bird trapping. Over the past couple decade’s bird trapping has been a subject of controversy. Cereal breeder has been testing traps to help keep birds away from the cereal grains. Many researchers want to find different methods of controlling birds. Minnesota’s ARC has received letters which told them to stop killing birds. They were killing 10,000 birds a year on average. Many of these birds have been killed with a destroying type method. The killing of innocent birds has to stop. By killing of these birds it has reduced the competition for ideal nesting sites. When reducing competition for birds you will get an increase of population which has made the problem of controlling birds even worst. Phil Larsen stated, “It seems to me that this grain is important enough to justify the sacrifice of these birds”. He also said in the following sentence that we
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Unformatted text preview: have to consider our right to prioritize research of the value of humans over creature life. This is true that humans need to have more priority over creature life. Grain is important to many humans and farmers in the world. Just like in St. Paul’s Minnesota where they are trying to layout proper bird plots to control bird populations and this will allow grain to grow without it being harm. He asked himself the question “what the right thing to do “. This question has been issued to be about the killing of birds for keeping grain as a whole or letting people die. The significance of killing birds is if we can control birds from taking grain from fields. We can stop worrying about killing the birds. The killing of birds is wrong, but if it is necessary for human survival we need to continue killing birds. Many farmers in small countries need grain to survive and to keep their families feed, so they need to have bird control....
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worth of sparrow - have to consider our right to prioritize...

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