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Imagine you are the personnel director for Marketing Mania

Imagine you are the personnel director for Marketing Mania...

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15733 Starstruck Drive  New York, NY  34087 Marketing Mania 2008 February 18, 2008 Naomi Woita Computer Details International 121212 Binary Way San Jose, CA 98332 Dear Ms. Woita I’m interested in your new product Resumix. I have been getting over a hundred resumes a day and need a way how to make it easier to sort out the resumes. I need to find out some questions about the software. How is it installed? What other companies use this software? Can you demonstrate the product before I make my decision on purchasing Resumix?
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Unformatted text preview: • How many applicants can it hold? • Can it change its language? • How secure is the data you’re using? • Does your system allow us to write the rejection letter? If you can answer my questions, by March 20, 2008, I would greatly appreciate it. This product might be the key for my companies problems with the sorting of resumes. If I can solve this problem with your product of Resumix, I would take great appreciation of your services. Sincerely, Claren Thomas III President of Marketing Mania...
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