Report for September 24

Report for September 24 - need to expand our horizons and...

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Report for September 24, 2007 Prepared by Claren Thomas Topic: Is Sustainable Development Compatible With Human Welfare? Relevance: Some people have argued that Americans and Europeans have very different standards of living. Americans believe we should develop life by getting ahead of the other person, but Europeans believed in better quality of life. This makes an argument if we should keep the world change instead of keeping it the way it is today. What is known about the problem: If we change the world over time, and people think environmental issues would be far greater in the future for the next generations. Population growth will increase the demand for resources, and sustainable development is a clearly a difficult proposition. People believe that, “Some think it can be done, but others think that for sustainability to work, either population or resource demand must be reduced.” (P.21 Para 3) Biases: The change in the world is better than no change. With growth of population we
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Unformatted text preview: need to expand our horizons and look into the future. Find the needs of growth change without harming our environment. Logical Fallacies: YES 1. “Europeans, however, never full brought the idea of the individual alone in the universe” (P. 23, Para 1) Equivocation 2. “At the heart of the difference is the way Americans and Europeans perceive risk” (P. 23, Para 4). Straw Man 3. “GMOs and chemical products represent just part of the new, “risk prevention” agenda taking shape in Brussels” (P. 25, Para 5). Begging the Question No 1. “Greenpeace climate director Steve Sawyer complained, “What we’ve come up with is absolutely nothing” (P.29, Para 1) Red Herring 2. “Common Future, development that “meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs” (P. 29, Para 3). Slippery Slope 3. “This summit has become a trade summit, it has become a trade show” (P. 30, Para 7). Ad Hominem...
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Report for September 24 - need to expand our horizons and...

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