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IE 131 Solutions for Problems due Feb 06 (Ch 4) 4.4 A manual assembly line is being planned for an assembled product whose annual demand is expected to be 175,000 units/yr. The line will be operated two shifts (4000 hr/yr). Work content time of the product is 53.7 min. For planning purposes, the following line parameter values will be used: uptime efficiency = 96%, balancing efficiency = 94%, and repositioning time = 8 sec. Determine (a) the required hourly production rate of the line, (b) the cycle time, and (c) the ideal minimum number of workers required, and (d) the actual number of workers required based on the efficiencies given. Solution : (a) R p = 175,000/4,000 = 43.75 units/hr (b) T c = 60(0.96)/43.75 = 1.3166 min (c) w * = Min Int 53.7/1.3166 = 40.79 rounded up to 41 workers (d) T s = 1.3166 – 0.1333 = 1.1832 min w = Min Int 53.7/1.1832(0.94) = 48.3 rounded up to 49 workers 4.5 The required production rate for a certain product is 45 units/hr. Its work content time is 71.5 min. The production line for this product includes 5 automated workstations. Because the automated stations are not entirely reliable, the overall line efficiency is expected to be only 88%. All of the other stations will have one worker each. It is anticipated that 6% of each cycle will be lost due to worker repositioning. Balance delay is expected to be 7%. Determine (a) cycle time, (b) required number of workers, (c) number of workstations, (d) average manning level on the line, including the automated stations, and (e) labor efficiency on the line. Solution
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HW-02-06-08s - IE 131 Solutions for Problems due Feb 06 (Ch...

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