labreport2008 - Effects of Exercise on Cardiopulmonary...

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Effects of Exercise on Cardiopulmonary Parameters on Females Danielle Holub April 4, 2008 Biology 112, Section 534 Instructor: Ben Alexander
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Abstract: Exercise affects heart activity because it is said that exercise dramatically increases the volume of blood exiting the heart (Harris-Haller 2008), which is what gets the heart pumping faster. Which then increases pulse rate, respiration rate, and heart activity. A female participant was hooked up to an ECG and her heart activity was recorded while she was at rest and then after exercising. Our results showed that a female’s respiration rate, pulse rate, mean pulse amplitude, and certain measurements of heart activity increased right after exercise then decreased as time went by after exercising had been stopped. Introduction: The nervous system manages the distribution of oxygen rich blood through the body. If some cells experience a decline in oxygen the automatic nervous system compensates by adjusting the smooth muscle layer in the arterioles to control the amount of blood entering specific capillary beds (Harris-Haller 2008). It is also said that exercise might have a dramatic effect on the volume of blood leaving the heart (Harris-Haller 2008). The increase in breathing rate during exercise requires an increase in blood flow to meet the needs of skeletal muscles. Thus, physical exercise increases demand on both the respiratory and the circulatory systems (McGraw-Hill 2001). You use an electrocardiogram, or ECG, to measure the electrical activity of the heart. It shows a graph that represents different measurements related to the heart activity. The purpose of our experiment was to use the ECG in order to see how the heart activity, pulse rate,
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This lab report was uploaded on 04/19/2008 for the course BIOL 112 taught by Professor Vaughn during the Spring '08 term at Texas A&M.

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labreport2008 - Effects of Exercise on Cardiopulmonary...

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