Western Civ 9-10

Western Civ 9-10 - I.) Scientific Revolution (1500-1730)...

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I.) Scientific Revolution (1500-1730) a.) Context i. Exploration and search for order ii. Precondition to age of Enlightenment b.) Origins in math and astronomy i. Challenging the earth centered universe c.) New methods of inquiry i. The scientific method II.) Science and society a.) positive and negative results Superiority/inferiority b.) religion and secularism c.) tolerance and human welfare d.) Kant: “dare to know” III.) The age of Enlightenment a.) Reason b.) Humanism c.) Freedom d.) Secularism - astronomy and math are the most important scientific discovery during this period - Copernicus challenges the theory that the world is the center of the universe - Galileo reveals that the earth circles the sun and the heavens are made up of similar stuff that’s here on earth o He was found guilty of heresy for suggesting that the earth moved around the sun o He must relinquish all his astronomical studies to authority o He switched to the law of physics - Newton comes along almost 70 years later and continues Galileo’s law of inertia
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Western Civ 9-10 - I.) Scientific Revolution (1500-1730)...

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