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Western Civ 9-21 - what day Sunday was-Vonde is a huge...

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Western Civ. 9/21/07 - raid of terror was basically an emergency government - anyone that uses the term miser or madam instead of citizen then they would be attack - neighbors are attacking neighbors - there are spies everywhere - to form power they create the committee of public safety pretty much lead by Robes Pierre - they propose de-Christianization churches destroyed and this new type of religion called Marat he wrote a newspaper that encourage terrorism o really powerful - Months are named according to seasons and they would have ten day weeks and there were only about three weeks to a month and people wouldn’t even know
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Unformatted text preview: what day Sunday was.-Vonde is a huge battle-Under napoleon he starts to push back the British -Pierre gives the speech of threats and says there is a new list of enemies but he doesn’t tell them the names so everyone in the room thinks they might be on it so they arrest him the next day-When they hold him captive he commits suicide and so do a couple of his close allies that were also held captive-The terror dies with Pierre but the revolution does not-Five years passed and finally power is given to napoleon...
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