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Western civ 9-24 - e 1805 Austria Prussia Poland Spain...

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History western 9/24/07 I. Rise of Napoleon a. 1795- saved the Directory b. 1799- coup-d-etat c. 1804- crowded Emperor II. Napoleon’s domestic actions a. 1801-concordat with the church b. 1804 Napoleonic code i. Equality and property ii. A new paternalism III. Napoleon’s foreign actions a. 1797 – republican France and military success b. 1802- peace with Britain c. 1803- third coalition’s success and failure d. 1805- defeated at sea
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Unformatted text preview: e. 1805- Austria, Prussia, Poland, Spain defeated f. 1812- Russia defeated France g. 1814- Napoleon’s defeat h. 1814-1815- Treaty of Paris, congress of Vienna IV. Assessment of the French revolution a. Ends feudal privilege b. Enlightenment ideas and rights action c. Dynastic state to nation state d. Secularization and modernization e. Nationalism-...
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