Hallucinogenic drugs in Western Society are entirely misunderstood

Hallucinogenic drugs in Western Society are entirely misunderstood

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Psychological Anthropology Professor Phinney Final Hallucinogens in Western Culture: Examining the Journey of Psychoactive Drugs Drug use has forever been a controversial topic. The legal ramifications of being caught with certain drugs in Western society presents an individual with expensive fines and possible jail time. However tribal people in Africa, South America, Central America, as well as spiritual users in Asia all use drugs as part of healing practices, and/or spiritual or religious enlightenment rather than in an uneducated, careless manner. Those who still practice their cultural use of certain drugs such as the Hmong culture, have been displaced so they cannot use opium medically as easily as some Chinese cultures because of levity of consequences that could stem from continuing their practices. It is difficult for some to emigrate to a country with strict order against any sort of use of narcotics in this country, whether it is in a controlled and safe environment or not. However the illegal bartering of drugs continues in schools, the work place, and especially the streets. Marijuana, for example, has become “the biggest cash crop in the United States” generating nearly $35 billion annually (Kage). The statistics for hallucinogenic drugs like psilocybin mushrooms and LSD is harder to calculate because it is easier to produce at home as many hallucinogenic drug operations run much like methamphetamine labs would, except on a much smaller scale. Moreover, the use of hallucinogens has been negatively portrayed in the media, and public knowledge is scarce and mostly false. Young people today however, absorb information faster and easier making some of the blurred lines a little clearer regarding the effect of such psychoactive drug use. For users,
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hallucinogenic drug use can often be extraordinarily beneficial in triggering creativity, and also providing immense spiritually profound mental journeys. Hallucinogenic drugs in Western Society are unfortunately misunderstood. The healing capabilities of some drugs have helped countless people around the world. Yet, in Western culture, the criminal consequences involving drug use creates an even widening gap between understanding the user versus persecuting them. More health studies are being conducted today, and knowledge on drugs has never before been so readily available, but the information can also be harmful as it may not come from reliable sources. The scholarly information on the topic exists, but is limited, and often outdated. Current hallucinogens are far more potent, and vast than they were in the 1960s during the counterculture movement. However some people will dismiss one professor’s findings while experimenting with hallucinogens. However one scientist has turned into hundreds across the country who controversially practice laboratory studies on such drugs. There is a neo-counterculture happening today but it is not as evident as it was in
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Hallucinogenic drugs in Western Society are entirely misunderstood

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