Exam 2 Review sheet

Exam 2 Review sheet - Soc 3701 Summer 2001 Fortunata...

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Soc 3701 Summer 2001 Fortunata Songora Know the following concepts 1. Ideal types: 2. Iron cage of rationality: 3. Class, status, and party: 4. Formal Rationality 5. Functions-Latent functions/manifest 6. AGIL 7. looking at glass self Short Answer 3-5 sentences 1. Explain how religion, authority, and rationality contribute to the ideological superstructure described by Weber. 2. What does Weber mean by the phrase “Spirit of Capitalism”? What is the role of formal rationality in the Sprit of Capitalism? 3. Major substantive criticisms of functionalism 4. What are critical issues in Symbolic interactionsism? 5. What are the three main postulates of functionalist theory that Merton rejects, and how does he remedy them in his own theory? 6. One principle of structural functionalism we discussed in class was: “Systems tend toward self-maintenance, including the maintenance of boundaries and of the relationships of parts to the whole, control of environmental variations, and control of tendencies to change the
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This test prep was uploaded on 04/19/2008 for the course SOC 101 taught by Professor Aa during the Spring '08 term at Worcester.

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Exam 2 Review sheet - Soc 3701 Summer 2001 Fortunata...

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