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ED 155 02 S 08 - ED 155 02 Teaching and Learning T/TH...

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ED 155 02 Teaching and Learning T/TH 10:00-11:15 S125 Audrey E. Wright, Ed. D. Office Hours: 9:00-9:45 T/Th Others by appointment. [email protected] 508-929-8594 Course description: The purpose of this course is to provide students with a view of schools as they exist today. A historical, philosophical and pedagogical perspective will also be examined. A variety of curricular, teaching and assessment modes will be evaluated. Organization for teaching will be stressed. A field experience of fifteen (15) hours, above and beyond class time, affords students an opportunity to reflect on realities of the teaching profession. Course Objectives : The students will be able to -explain how historical, philosophical, social and technological advances have impacted education; 2d -describe how challenges in society impact the classroom both directly and indirectly; 2a, b, c, d -analyze the national and MA standards set for the various subject areas and ESL; 2a, 2d -analyze the role of educators; -communicate effectively using proper English; -examine the hidden curriculum found in three different educational settings; 2a -reflect in writing on the professional responsibilities of educators in an elementary school setting and the dispositions and competencies s/he brings to the profession; 2e -describe at least three different organizational structures and explain the benefits and negatives of each (e.g. multiage integrated classrooms); 2a -analyze lessons to determine modes of teaching, including expository, inquiry, and demonstration; assessment, formative and summative; and, relevance to MA frameworks; 2b -explain how students differ: multiple intelligences, learning styles, resources -demonstrate appropriate research, analysis, and problem solving strategies for a given case study; 2b -demonstrate in class and in the educational setting respect for self and others as well as a willingness to build consensus; 2e -observe, record, analyze and reflect on the organizational structure, teaching and learning taking place in three different educational settings; 2b, e -demonstrate the ability to find information from current refereed journals and use APA format; and, 2a -act professionally in language, dress, and behavior. 2e Course Text and Readings : Jarolimek, J., Foster, Sr. C. D., & Kellough, R. D. (2005). Teaching and Learning in Elementary School, 8 th ed . Merrill Prentice-Hall, Inc.: Upper Saddle River, N. J. Payne, R. K. (2005). A framework for understanding poverty . Aha! Process, Inc: Highlands, TX. www.ahaprocess.com Massachusetts frameworks and National standards www.doc.mass.edu You may also be provided with additional handouts or web sites on Blackboard, which you will be expected to read as assigned.
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*Tentative Schedule : January 22/24 Introductions, Syllabus, blackboard, information sheet, field work Educational settings, CORI, Handbook January 29/31 *Historical perspective (Groups/Video). Field work (Chapters 1 & 2) Purpose of education; societal challenges
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ED 155 02 S 08 - ED 155 02 Teaching and Learning T/TH...

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