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Philosophy Mid Term - Sean Chapin 10/10/2007 Philosophy Mid...

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Sean Chapin 10/10/2007 Philosophy Mid Term Descartes Matter: Descartes used math and logic to explain his reasoning. Axioms are statements that are not proven to be true, but they are assumed to be true. We can put limits on matter, with experience. Things that are experienced are dependent on our senses, which are unreliable. External World: He strongly believes that the world exists. He believes that the world exists and he is not dreaming because if he was tricked into believing it, he would be getting deceived, and god does not deceive, because god is a perfect being. Soul or Self: Descartes has one unchallengeable belief, which is “I exist”, because to doubt this belief, you must exist to doubt it. God: God is a perfect being and he does not allow us to be deceived, therefore he exists. God guarantees that some of our beliefs are accurate, but not all of them, and that our errors are our fault, usually caused by hasty decisions. Berkeley Matter: Berkeley believes that material substances are unknowable and unthinkable . What he means by this is that we simply cannot see a material object, because they are just made up of solely primary and secondary qualities. Ideas are formed from simple sensations, and we cannot sense material objects. External World: He believes that all qualities only exist in the mind, the primary and secondary qualities only exist in the minds of the people trying to perceive them, and do not exist on their own. Soul or Self: He believes strongly in soul, he believes that we only create things with our
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Philosophy Mid Term - Sean Chapin 10/10/2007 Philosophy Mid...

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