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BUS ENV chapter summarys - Sean Chapin Business Environment...

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Sean Chapin Business Environment Chapter Summary Chapter 7 – Criminal Law and Cyber Crimes Civil (Tort) and Criminal Major Differences – Civil – Preponderance, Damages, Private Attorney Criminal – Beyond reasonable doubt, jail or prison, public prosecutor reps community Crime Classification Felonies: Serious, punishable by death or prison for 1+ years Misdemeanor: non serious (petty), punishable by jail for less than 1 year, or fines To be convicted of a crime, you must commit a guilty act (actus reus) or have the guilty mind for commission of an act (mens rea) Corporations can be convicted of crimes, corporates officers and directors are personally liable. Violent crimes and property crimes. White-collar crimes are crimes conducted in business context, using non violent means to obtain personal or business advantages. Fourth amendment, exclusionary rule, Miranda rules. Cyber crime:using computers Chapter 12 – Torts and Cyber Torts A tort is a civil injury designed to provide compensation Intentional and unintentional (negligence) torts Oral defamation: spoken is slander, written or printed is libel Wrongful interfence interferes with a business relationship Fraud is intentional deceit Chapter 13 – Strict Liability and Product Liability Liability is based on Abnormall Dangerous Activities Product Liabilitly – making products safe, negligence, exercise “due care” Misrepresentaiotn of products Manufacturing defects Market Share Liability Chapter 14 – Intellectual Property and Internet Law Types – Trademarks, Patents, Copyrights, Cyberspace IP Trademark Registration with US Patent Trademark Office Copied – infringement Cyber Marks – Doman Names Copyright – expression of idea, not idea itself, must be original and fixed in a durable
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BUS ENV chapter summarys - Sean Chapin Business Environment...

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