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Philosophy Final piece of shit

Philosophy Final piece of shit - Sean Chapin AHUM 1610...

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Sean Chapin AHUM 1610 11/18/2007 Philosophy Final - Worldviews The first worldview will be called the Reasoning Worldview, and will focus on the main beliefs of commonsense realism and substance dualism. Commonsense realism is defended through arguments, and it claims that the world really exists as we experience it. This means that even if no one was in existence on the earth to experience it, it would still exist as material objects, but without our senses, it isn’t reality, because our senses create the reality that we live in. Substance dualism is the most consistent and related solution to the beliefs of commonsense realism. Substance dualism claims that there are two parts to every human being; the physical state – the body we live in, and a nonphysical state – the mind, and that the self is the conscious mind. Substance dualism claims the difference between brain states and mental states, because brain states are processed with material (the brain) and mental states are purely nonphysical, using only the mind to process. The first worldview contains the beliefs that god in fact does exist, and just because we can’t experience him physically, doesn’t mean he is not there. A good example for this could be: If a tree falls down in the forest, but there is no one there to hear it, does it still make noise when it falls? The answer to this is yes, and the answer to: Is god actually there, even if we cannot experience him firsthand? Is yes as well. Even though god does not appear in a physical state, he still exists because we make him out to be a part of reality, and we create our own realities and make him a part of them.
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Knowledge is also in existence in the beliefs of this worldview. Knowledge requires truth and through our reality we create truths, and from these truths we gain knowledge. There is no sense of reality in this worldview, meaning that nothing is real, it is only as real as we can experience it to be, so if we can’t experience something and its reality, it obviously cannot be considered real. There is a strong sense of self, substance dualism explains that each human is composed of two parts, and one of those parts is your self. Your self is the main part of you, without your self and mind you are just encased inside of a physical body, with no way of experience the world around you, thus creating no reality. Ethics and society are also questionable, because of the fact of commonsense realism and substance dualism together, they can only be as real as you make them out to be, so if you do not believe strongly in ethics, you won’t let yourself experience them and follow upon their guidelines. The same goes for society, if you don’t want to be a part of the society that the world has placed around you, you don’t have to perceive them as a sense of reality, only as mere material objects that surround you in the world that you live.
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Philosophy Final piece of shit - Sean Chapin AHUM 1610...

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