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Project 1 Writ - Sean Chapin Writing 1133 Tiedemann April 6...

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Sean Chapin Writing 1133 Tiedemann April 6, 2008 Forms and Functions For my assignment, I chose to differentiate and compare the Diet Coke can, and the advertisement for Diet Coke. I also chose to answer the question, how do these same, very similar forms accomplish different functions. The two items are very different. One is the actual item; one is just a picture, and a slogan for the item, conveying very different messages and ideas. There are many similarities and many differences for the two. The audience for these items is very similar, users of the products, and potential users of the product. Just because the form is the same and they provide different functions, it does not mean the users have to change. The actual can of Diet Coke has a much stronger function than the advertisement. The can has functionality, visibility and a strong conceptual design. Upon viewing the can, almost any American citizen would be able to identify it as a can of soda. It is functional, because ever since the soda can’s inception, it has been a success. The easy to
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open pop lid makes drinking out of the can easier. This is all only
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